lfs2011-11-28 22:02:24
Google Adsense
lfs, 2011-11-28 22:02:24

admob - need information

I have a mobile site.
I used admob as a publisher.

things were going slowly - dripping about $ 130 per month.
but in September 2011 they wrote that the service was being closed in favor of adsnese

adsnese, but after accumulating $ 500, they simply closed my account - "your account is disabled for invalid clicks"

which I personally did not do and users did not ask

my questions are as follows -

1. here neither there is no word about closing the network http://www.admob.com/my_sites/

what needs to be done to resume showing through admob?

Or will there never be more shows for anyone?

2. I have earned $97 for September. how to get them now? after all, apparently it will not be possible to bring it up to 100?

3. Has anyone had experience with adsnese recovery? what do they not like?

4. What do you recommend besides admob/adsense for monetization?

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