Andrey2015-06-15 00:19:08
IT education
Andrey, 2015-06-15 00:19:08

Admission to the university, which direction to choose?

Hello, the beginning of summer, the time for exams and, accordingly, the time for applying to universities.
I really need your advice on choosing a specialty in the IT field. The sphere is developing, promising, and I would like to study in it and work in the future. About the fact that I will regret and such comments, I ask you to keep to yourself.
I would like to hear advice on choosing the direction of study. There are really a huge number of faculties and directions.
From universities I consider SFU, RSSU, DSTU, RGUPS

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Alexander Taratin, 2015-06-15

There, where it is easier to study and more comfortable hostel.

Denis Knyazev, 2015-06-17

Hello, I myself am a 3rd year student, studying some kind of mystical specialty "Information Technology and Systems". In general, go where you like it outwardly, where you will feel more comfortable (for example, I specially left my native Stavropol for the Moscow University, because I didn’t want to be at home every weekend and I wanted to feel like students), choose where the hostel is , depending on the lifestyle, choose a city, I love it when everything is very rich.
Direction? At the end of the first - the beginning of the second course, you will understand what you want, what you can, and study there yourself.
And no matter what direction you choose, if you are a good specialist, there will be a place. In short, go where you feel most comfortable. And there is already self-education, self-education, self-education

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