Beastmw2016-03-06 23:16:41
Beastmw, 2016-03-06 23:16:41

Administration in the online store takes a long time to load, what should I do?

For the third day I can’t figure out why the administration page and the administration itself in the online store take a long time to load (at least 4-5 minutes), and the online store itself works fine from the user side. Up to this point, for a month I have been actively changing prices on the site and adding photos, but about three days ago I ran into this problem. Help me please.
Online store website: beastmw.ru/shop_new/index.php#catalog Administration
login page: beastmw.ru/shop_new/access_admin.php
Thank you

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Taras Serevann, 2016-03-06

Forgot to provide login details ;)
On the topic: look at the Chrome developer console, especially the Network tab - there you will see what takes the longest to load.

dev400, 2016-03-07


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