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A disk read error occurred?

The last two days, when turned on, the error "disk read error occurred" began to appear. After restarting or turning on the computer. In this case, if you press f11 in the BIOS and select the main disk, the system boots. It costs as the main ssd samsung. With what it can be connected?

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Sergey, 2018-06-09

What disk read error?
Watch the smart of all disks in the system, one of them is dying.

kisaa, 2018-06-10

By F11, they usually do not enter the BIOS, but choose the boot order from devices. What do you have there by default? Perhaps you have recently connected a removable disk and the BIOS substitutes it as the first device to boot the system. Go to the full bios settings, set the boot order, save, and you will be happy.

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