antonwx2020-03-03 02:35:32
antonwx, 2020-03-03 02:35:32

A device that emulates network storage as a USB flash drive - does it exist?

Actually, everything is outrageously simple, there is a TV set-top box that can read from a USB flash drive, but not from network storage. Is there such a device in nature that would be inserted like a flash drive into a set-top box, would connect to an access point and emulate a network location like a flash drive?

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Alexander Aksentiev, 2020-03-03

Painfully exotic Wishlist, or at least the side from which you decided to go to solve the problem.
Rather, the question should be put like this - how popular is your particular TV set-top box and what kind of brand and software is it in general.
If this is not a very unnamed China under someone's brand, then there is probably a corresponding topic on w3bsit3-dns.com and perhaps even with custom firmware that can do anything.
And so it's most likely easier to buy a "real" TV set-top box on some kind of bucket that can do it out of the box.

lonelymyp, 2020-03-03

It's easier to change attachments.

xmoonlight, 2020-03-04

Type AnywhereUSB ( off.site ) you need to look ...

Vadim Priluzkiy, 2020-03-03

Not like a flash drive, but like an SD card. Yes, there are sd cards with built-in wifi. Well, respectively, you need a USB card reader and such a flash drive. This is of course a bit not what you need, but as far as I know, there is no better option.

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