danilnice2014-05-11 13:57:39
danilnice, 2014-05-11 13:57:39

A CSS book with tricks to improve layout?

Recommend books on CSS (you can also CSS3) with all sorts of tricks that even professionals sometimes don't know about. For example, the secrets of successful layout, etc.
PS put a question mark due to the fact that the design without it will be incorrect

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Sergey, 2014-05-11


Konstantin Velichko, 2014-05-11

There is no such thing, everything is comprehended only by personal experience.

Anna Bakurova, 2014-05-11

I liked Zoe Gyllenwater's book the power of css3
Despite the fact that the writer is a woman, she is very understandable and sometimes useful for reading pros

Roman Misyura, 2014-05-11

The secret of successful layout? - Experience.
Read more habrahabr.ru on the subject of layout, CSS and web design and you will be happy.

goodknight, 2014-05-11

CSS tricks won't improve your layout skills.
It will be better for them to work directly on layouts, templates, cross-browser and responsive layout, as well as reading w3c recommendations at their leisure, as well as code-review of other layout designers and experience.
CSS tricks can sometimes help out, you can play around with them, but, as practice shows, CSS tricks are just the same thing, which, on the contrary, degrades the quality of your code, because in most cases these tricks do not work in all browsers and in general .
They can be used very rarely on projects, and most often it is better to play with them on codepen and on your personal blogs, showing your friends what you can do on PURE CSS.

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