esin2012-09-13 21:49:31
Mobile development
esin, 2012-09-13 21:49:31

A cross-platform development environment?

Good day to all!
There is a task - to write a program that would read information from sensors via bluetooth and display it on the screen. The main target “audience” is tablets and ultrabooks running Android, iOS, Windows (7, maybe 8) operating systems.
Can you please tell me if there is such a development environment that would allow developing this program with a minimum of effort? Thank you!

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Seldon, 2012-09-13

I think for this task it is necessary to write several applications.

XimikS, 2012-09-13

Mono*, kivy

Sergey Lerg, 2012-09-13

I can only imagine Moai - write the display and interface once, and work with bluetooth separately for each platform. Moai is an open source cross-platform SDK. Write in Lua, and what is missing in the SDK you add in C ++.

usgleb, 2012-10-07

By the way, if you need a backend, check out this quickblox.com project - it's free and there is an SDK for all the mobile platforms you need.

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