Evgeny Serdyukov2017-05-24 14:36:47
Evgeny Serdyukov, 2017-05-24 14:36:47

A cron script that would check the site loading every minute, and if the site does not open by timeout, then execute the command?

How to properly write a cron script to check if the site is down. And if the site hangs, i.e. the page does not load by timeout, then execute a specific command, for example, reboot. I want to check every minute.
Ubuntu Server 16.04 system.

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Erelecano Oioraen, 2017-05-24

man cron
man curl
man bash
man sudo
And, yes, there are ready-made monitoring systems for such purposes, including those capable of executing commands when a trigger is triggered, there is no need to give birth to a mixture of a hedgehog with a snake and a bicycle.

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