DrunkMaster2017-10-12 21:19:29
DrunkMaster, 2017-10-12 21:19:29

A couple of questions about Electron.js?

1) Is it possible to write any serious application like CRM on it
2) Is there any tutorial from the basics on how to write Hello World and beyond?
3) What tools are used for development, do you need only an IDE or webpack-type builders?
4) Does it have any security or functionality restrictions? Well, for example, utrorrent for peer-to-peer exchange can be written on it?

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lem_prod, 2017-10-12

1. Everything that HTML, CSS, JS (Node), CRM are capable of, including
2. Best of all, official docks, there is not much Russian language.
3. Any JS IDE, there is nothing specifically for Electron.
We need modules to build the application, there are examples in the docks.
You can use Webpack, and in a serious application you should do it, but it will work without Webpack.
4. https://webtorrent.io/desktop/ - tracker on electron
In general, there is a larger list of applications on the official website, you can read

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