Roman Bogachev2013-09-10 15:49:04
Roman Bogachev, 2013-09-10 15:49:04

A couple of questions about ALU

There are 2 pieces of iron: Alcatel-Lucent 7210 SAS-M 24F and MPR MSS-1.
The first is flashed from under any computer, the main thing is that the console is there, there have been no problems with this over the past year.

The customer is now adding a second piece of equipment, referred to as the Alcatel-Lucent MPR MSS-1 Chassis.
My task is to upload the software and reconfigure the ports for linking with 7210.

According to the polls of my colleagues, it turns out that the update occurs with the installation of a version 1 higher each time than the current one.
For example: there is version 2.0. To upgrade to version 4.0, you need to install 2.3, 3.0 and only then 4.0.
Is it real? I vaguely doubt it.

Actually the second problem. The piece of iron is stitched only from under a laptop with a mastday. Java is installed, software is in Java, and this whole epic works with grief in half. Question: is it possible to do this from under a virtual machine? for example, put a mastday on a parallel and turn the whole thing from there?

Tomorrow I will go to the test site to get acquainted with this chassis, so for now I only know everything in theory, but according to the reviews of colleagues.

Who is familiar and can suggest and advise a little on this issue?

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Pavel Zagrebelin, 2013-09-11

I won’t say for this equipment, but everything is as you said in the Alcatel SDH.
And a kind of software update plan, and local control through a monstrous java-perl-native binaries harvester that falls from every wrong move. Under this monster, on each working laptop, I kept a section with windows xp sp3 eng, on which there was only this configured bnya and nothing more.

Roman Bogachev, 2013-09-12

Went and figured it out.
On the test site, the truth was MSS-8, but there is not much difference.
This is what MSS-1 looks like yadi.sk/d/r5SvmiMW97XBE
I put Windows on parallel, in the network settings I set the ethernet and everything is picked up. yadi.sk/d/zf3HO8hb98A2J
The software only works with the Java version of JRE 1.6u33
The fact that it falls off is yes. And it is constantly being rebuilt, with the eplay of any actions.

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