MAXH02012-05-02 16:22:33
MAXH0, 2012-05-02 16:22:33

A couple of questions about a personal blog?

Started my blog last summer. As it turned out in the academic year, there is not enough moral strength to support him. But in general, there are a lot of interesting ideas that I would like to lay out. I plan to do this summer (In my opinion, we will go on unpaid leave for a month at least) so there will be time).
1. How does such irregularity of filling affect popularity in search engines?
2. In Wordpress, I was tired of spam - protection is periodically bypassed. Who how to deal with the minimum time?

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Alexander, 2012-05-02

From my own experience:
1) You need to write articles regularly, and with a short interval.
Of course, the spacing between articles is up to you.
You can experiment:
Intrigue the reader by hinting at the next article (for example, it can be a continuation of an already written article, or another option for which there is enough imagination).
The interested reader will check in several times a day (several days) in anticipation of this new article.
Just do not overdo it with the delay of the publication, otherwise the reader will lose all interest, and simply stop visiting your blog.
2) I didn't use WP because there was another script. With attendance of 50-70 hosts, spam was not observed (although it happened twice, but this is for a whole year).
But as far as I know, there are a lot of good anti-spam plugins out there today.

Alexey, 2012-05-02

In Wordpress, I was tired of spam - protection is periodically bypassed. Who how to deal with the minimum time?
I activated Asikmet - and in 6 months it successfully cut off 400+ comments of a spam nature. Didn't miss a single one.

admin4eg, 2012-05-03

I have a blog in my profile, I write as soon as I feel like it, 500-600 visits per day are stable.
if you write more, what to write you can draw from your knowledge + wordstat.yandex.ru/
that is, the essence is what I know what to write about postfix, for example, I go there and look what questions people want to find.
I am writing a post with a title from the request. the result is simply wonderful, if you can get confused and decently monetize such traffic

xtelekom, 2012-05-02

I noticed that after publications, attendance increases, until you write it stays at the same level, you write more, it will grow a little more. After publications for a week, there is about a surge, you can see people rss readers and check mail. The more content, the more visitors from search engines, with new publications, regular readers also come ... Something like that.

LeoCcoder, 2012-05-02

I recently bought a domain and started blogging on WordPress.
I noticed only one thing - the more material - the better. The blog is three months old. 10-15 people visit a day, mostly from search engines and social networks, where I sometimes send news.
there is spam, but all spam is caught and deleted automatically.
there are few regular users, mostly friends. No comment has yet been left by someone I don't know.
The blog was not promoted or promoted in any way.

Ichi Nya, 2012-05-03

For Wordpress I use the captha plugin for unregistered users and the spam is gone. For comments, there are additional authorization plugins through social networks (uLogin and Loginza). disqus - already recommended.

Hungry_Hunter, 2012-05-03

Try invisible captchas, they should protect against spam: WP-SpamFree and Invisible Captcha

admin4eg, 2012-05-03

on the topic of spam, and I forgot that such a thing exists, honestly
“I confirm that I am not a spam bot”

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