kq19952021-06-03 12:04:20
kq1995, 2021-06-03 12:04:20

A copy of Windows in Windows?

I'm new to IT, they gave homework a la in the courses: install the Apache server, play around with the command line, the registry, and all that.

How can I do this without breaking the main OS? maybe you can make a copy somehow and go into it and do whatever you want, and then delete it?

How to do it?

PS I know that you can install another Windows on another disk, but it's a long time.

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Alexey Dmitriev, 2021-06-03

virtual box

Mnemonic0, 2021-06-04


  1. Hyper-V (Windows 10). Pretty simple, but OS installation is required - time it is.
  2. Windows Sandbox (requires Windows 10 release 1903 and later). Even easier, plus no need to configure the OS.
  3. Third party virtualization services (VmWare, Virtualbox, etc.). Similar to item 1, but not from MS

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