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Ruum, 2018-12-13 19:28:16

A copy of the site design of a popular service?

Hello! Tell me about the following topic:
I work in a team (layout) of a certain resource, the customer really liked the design of the well-known mobile.de, the client's desire, as they say ... The site was made as similar as possible to the resource indicated above. Pages:
identical (70-80% similar) with the original so to speak. Further, the header and footer are the same, the center is naturally different, the CSS repeats a little. The theme of the site is real estate.
The question is:
Can the specified resource accuse the customer of copying the design? And what might follow? (there are humans.txt)
I would be grateful for your help!

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Vitaliy Orlov, 2018-12-14

Maybe. And comrades from DE love it, with or without reason. Judgment and fines may follow. If you want to be safe, change the design and final CSS a little (different font, class names, style sets, so that at least it is not a duplicate of the donor). At least use obfuscators in production. Also make layouts from the "designer" and run them through mail, for example Google, for history. The pier was Vasya, the famous Uryupinsk designer, he made unique layouts, everything else is a coincidence and a provocation. We don’t know where this Vasya is now, we found an email on the Internet, and they contacted him. Well, in general, strangers should be inspired, and not copied by 80% :)

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