unlik2019-06-10 04:21:59
unlik, 2019-06-10 04:21:59

A copy of the Bitrix website?

There is a site Bitrix It is
necessary for tests to unroll its copy, on other domain. Hosting one. One license.
How can this be done?

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Sergey Panteleev, 2019-06-10

Check the box " Installation for development " in the settings of the Main module ( /bitrix/admin/settings.php?lang=ru)

rusikus, 2019-06-10

Make a backup, download restore.php from offline. site, throw the backup and restore.php into the folder with the new domain, run your_site/restore.php and restore from the backup. Go to the admin panel in the settings of the main module, change the site address to a new domain

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