Leonid2018-07-02 19:38:55
Information Security
Leonid, 2018-07-02 19:38:55

A convenient system for storing and using passwords for Windows, Mac and iOS - what do you recommend?

Advise a convenient, secure and cross-platform password storage system - better free, but if not, inexpensive paid)
Passwords are needed mainly for work:
1) To access sites in various browsers both under Windows and under Mac, it is also sometimes necessary to log in from a phone under iOS - therefore it would not hurt ...
2) To access via FTP in TotalCommander and Nimble Commander under Mac
In general, such a universal convenient system is needed.

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ColdSpirit, 2018-07-02

KeePass is free, open source and has tons of plugins. I use it in conjunction with Kee (a plugin for FF), on Linux I didn’t have a chance to check out the quality of work.
About FTP not och understood. Access to TC via FTP - is it real?

Leonid, 2018-07-03

I decided to try SafeInCloud - while the flight is normal.

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