Igor2016-09-16 15:37:09
Igor, 2016-09-16 15:37:09

A convenient service for creating animation design - site layout?

Tell me a service with which it is possible to "revive" the layout as in the example at the link - https : //www.behance.net/gallery/42272523/Tommy-Bro... It happens in the form of gif - animation, but more often in small videos.

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iBird Rose, 2016-09-16

well, maybe insert gifs and videos into the layout, don't you? also in the example. a layout is thrown in pieces - and gifs or videos are inserted between them.

Growth Osipov, 2016-09-18

Adobe After Effects.
Create the desired animation - save the video, and then export from Photoshop as a gif.

Super Shrek, 2016-09-18

For such prototyping, you need something like Principle.
But in order to show the customer, Marvelapp or Invision will also go.

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