Ajex2013-05-20 16:23:11
Project management
Ajex, 2013-05-20 16:23:11

A convenient client / server system for collecting, processing and organizing binary and text data?

A convenient system is needed for the team to collect and sort the collected information.
Those. there are several employees who collect data of various kinds from different sources: text files, documents, archives ...
I would like to somehow organize the work so that everyone works with a single database and uploads these documents into it, structuring and grouping them into categories along the way, providing notes and comments
It should look something like this:
Project 1
task 1 - comments on the project
doc - comment on documents
task 2
Project 2
task 1
task 2
The main task, it should be a network version, untethered from third-party services! Separation of rights is not necessary, everyone has the right to delete or add a new document, leave notes to what others have uploaded. Those. it must be possible to add a note, note or other textual description to the project, task, and each of the documents that is stored inside the container.
How it will be organized is not important, everyone works in the same office, so it's just a standard client-server system for any technology. The base should ideally be easily portable (one file) with access via tcp / ip (with the ability to connect remotely if necessary).

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retran, 2013-05-20

Any wiki?
Do I stupidly OneNote?

MrHant, 2013-05-24

dropbox? In terms of working with files, you can hardly find something better.
And so is synchronization for everyone, so also over the network, since you are all in the same office.
But it’s more difficult with comments - you have to teach people how to use text files for comments.
Googled it turns out there is an addon for dropbox that allows you to comment on files - chatboxapp.com/ , there are probably alternatives. Haven't tried it myself.

Ruslan, 2013-12-03

OpenGoo (Feng Office) is very similar to what you describe.

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