Dmitry Bolshakov2019-03-24 21:10:18
Law in IT
Dmitry Bolshakov, 2019-03-24 21:10:18

A contract with a minor, perhaps?

There is a person who would like to work with me under a contract without the involvement of parents. (according to him "they will not agree").
The contract lies in the fact that on his part, the revision of the existing site is needed. From my side: 30% of the site's profit.
Would like to know if this is possible? The person is 16 years old.

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Dmitry, 2019-03-24

30% off 0 ?
According to the legislation, the ability of a citizen to exercise civil rights, create civil duties and fulfill them arises in full with the onset of adulthood. Thus, it is legally established that people aged 14-18 can enter into transactions only with the consent of their legal representatives - parents or guardians.
Source: https://www.kdelo.ru/art/383411-qqq-16-m10-grajdan...
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CityCat4, 2019-03-25

1. Your question is not about IT at all. And not even about jurisprudence in IT. And about the usual relations of a civil law nature. The fact that the work is the completion of the site does not change anything - from the point of view of contractual relations - it's just work. 2. It is impossible to
conclude a full-fledged employment contract with a minor without parental consent . I wouldn't get involved. In the case of any jamb, it can fly very expensive and very painful. It's because of his youth.

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