4upik2021-02-26 12:54:32
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4upik, 2021-02-26 12:54:32

A consultation service that can be fine-tuned?

You need a service on which you can set it up like this:

The doctor has time: Monday 10-11, 11-12.
There are 2 types of consultations. Let's call them consultation A (2000 rubles) and consultation B (5000 rubles).
Is it possible to do this, a person chooses the time 10-11 or 11-12. and then chooses consultation A or B?
Instead, each consultation is tied to a specific time.

Or this option: If he books consultation A, for 11, then consultation B is automatically booked for this time and becomes unavailable?

I tested 3 armor services, none of them fit.

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