oleg92015-01-07 20:33:30
IT education
oleg9, 2015-01-07 20:33:30

A complete course of English grammar. What are good textbooks?

I would like to see modern spoken English as well.
What good textbooks (bundles of textbooks) can you recommend?
PS The level is about Intermediate. I would like to tighten and systematize knowledge.

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Sergey, 2015-01-07

Blue Murphy

whitecolor, 2015-07-12

Learn the language naturally by reading English books at -babeleo.com , the grammar will take care of itself. It's even easier than watching movies, and, by the way, more useful.

fLY7er, 2015-01-08

Check out this site, it also has a rating: englishtips.org/coursebooks/grammar

MiAnn, 2015-01-08

English grammar with a human face
Year of issue: 2009
Author: Komissarova K.

piva, 2015-01-10

I had a book in Russian, but the British said that no one speaks or writes like that anymore.
So here, IMHO, the best of all that I went through:
AJ Thomson, AV Martinet, A practical English Grammar, Fourth edition, Oxford University Press.
It is possible and a newer edition, if, suddenly, it already exists.

tuccar, 2015-01-12

Start learning any foreign language by reading this book:
After reading, it will be extremely clear what to do and where to move.

Dmitry Logvinenko, 2015-01-16

Murphy rules for sure. If you need something simpler, then there is Active Grammar (the first part was written by my friend :)

Mikhail Lyalin, 2015-02-10


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