Nikolay2021-02-02 21:33:36
Nikolay, 2021-02-02 21:33:36

A column in 3 columns or 3 lines in one?

Given: a bunch of phrases (lines) in a column.
Need: merge every 3 lines into one.
Roughly speaking, there are 99 lines, but you need to get 33.

Separately, it is not an option to combine every 3 phrases with handles in Excel.
Can someone tell me a solution for Excel or Notepad ++ so that you can merge at once?

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Grigory Boev, 2021-02-03


ДВССЫЛ("R"&(СТРОКА()*3-2)&"C1";0)&" "&
ДВССЫЛ("R"&(СТРОКА()*3-1)&"C1";0)&" "&

where C 1 is the number of the data column
In Notepad++ something like this (for lines that are not too long):
  1. Go to beginning of text Ctrl + Home
  2. Macro Recording
  3. End
  4. Del
  5. End
  6. Del
  7. Down
  8. Home
  9. Stop recording
  10. Enable macro. Select "Repeat to end of file"

For long strings, instead of End , you need to look for \n in advanced search

Alexander, 2021-02-02


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