pangurban422017-12-20 00:11:20
pangurban42, 2017-12-20 00:11:20

A client on upwork gave my email to another person. What to do to not get banned?

I cooperate with a client on upwork, everything is fine, all payment is via chat, at the very beginning of work, the client asked for an email address so that his assistant could send me materials for work. Now the client writes "I gave your contacts to a friend who likes your work and wants to give you an order, I hope you don't mind?"
Is it possible to get banned for this? As far as I understand, the upwork rules do not prohibit the exchange of information by mail and Skype, but it is forbidden to pay bypassing the exchange. Does this case fall under the violation? Is it considered that I will work off the exchange with someone whom I would not have contacted without upwork? Or since that customer did not create work on the upwork and we did not agree on anything secretly, then everything is ok?
What to answer now to the client, so as not to run into a ban?
addition: the fact that he gave my mail to another person was reported by the client via upwork messenger

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LastDragon, 2017-12-20

Upwork is now regularly spamming "refer a client and get 0% commission". Does it make sense to work under such conditions without any guarantees with anyone?

ZERGE, 2017-12-20

Everything that is not related to the upwork, write to Skype, mail and other instant messengers.
As for me, there is no violation here, but you need to read the rules.

Puma Thailand, 2017-12-20

Formally, there is a reason for a ban if you work with this client not through upwork

Egor Padalka, 2017-12-20

How does Upwork know it's working with someone? He did not switch to personal contact with his customer, but simply someone wrote to him by mail. Upwork does not read mail yet, does not know who works there.
In short, I don't think there is a problem. And besides, if the client is new and has not yet registered on Upwork, then you can officially spend it at 0% fee.

Chaja, 2017-12-29

This is some kind of nonsense. How does upwork know? AS?
It's none of his fucking business.

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