John-dew2021-02-17 21:29:30
John-dew, 2021-02-17 21:29:30

A client on Upwork files for arbitration - an impudent Arab. Who has had a similar experience?

I worked with a client for about 2 months, he needed to get organic traffic to his site.
In the correspondence and in Milestone, the wording was clearly stated that this would be organic traffic and its amount. and for how long.
The site is full of GS, a reviewer for Amazon. As a result, in a month a person received from 8 uniques per day to 88 uniques per day USA + Europe, but he was surprised at the super low conversion and how much he earned ($13).
It turned out to be done so quickly, using gray schemes - redirects and other chips.
His main complaint is that this is traffic that he does not control and that I can remove redirects at any time and there will be no traffic.
My arguments are that the links that I bought him are also not his and this is part of the job.

In fact, the work was done and even more was done. I suggest that he wait 2 months so that he sees an even greater effect of the work, but he opened a dispute and now he is going to arbitration in the coming days (where each participant pays $291) and, as I understand it, if his arguments are considered well-reasoned, then I may require the return of all the money that he paid me.

Milestones looks like this
1. pre-payment for preparation & work of the developer to install plugins for affiliate links, ssl, keywords analysis for the writer (during the next milestons 75 500 words posts will be written in 3 months (25 per month) by my writer based on the provided keywords and with the timing suggested by the SEO expert)
2. when reaching 1000 organic visitors per month (1-2 weeks after beginning)

Who has been in this situation? What is the arbitration process? How to avoid "hit" on money? The amount is not small because I understand that even if they somehow force them to return the entire amount, the site itself will not pay the Upwork commission and it lies with me.

For you to understand, a person initially planned to get 10k organics per week in 2-3 months.

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Astrohas, 2017-10-08

an error due to the fact that your user folder is written in Cyrillic. reinstall python to a folder in the path that does not contain Cyrillic

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