mletov2018-11-23 14:00:43
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mletov, 2018-11-23 14:00:43

A call from (supposedly?) Google support. Fraudsters or not?

Created an account in Google Adwords, launched a campaign. Due to the lack of experience, the campaign is set up badly, the conversion is zero.
And then the next day they call from a Warsaw number, pretending to be Google support. They say so, they say, and so, Google helps people who are starting to enter the world of Adwords, a personal manager will advise you for free, just what I need.
Started googling the number. Some write that this is really Google, others write that these are some kind of scammers, luring you to a seminar. I expressed doubts to the caller, he says, yes, I really am from Google, I can send an email to @google.com, like mere mortals don’t have this. Well, the sender's address can be faked with a script, you need to poke around in the headers.
But then it’s more interesting, he said that if you don’t believe me, I can tell you how many campaigns you have, for which domains and for which keywords, which campaigns are disabled. And he really said.
1) Is this my lucky ticket or is it a scam?
2) If a scam, how do they know about the details of my campaigns? Has your account been hacked or are they publicly sticking out somewhere?

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GavriKos, 2018-11-23

Write to Adwords support and ask there.

Alexey Denisov, 2018-11-23

Most likely it's really Google.
Their support services for Russian users wander from city to city, but this is normal. For a long time they called from Dublin. Correspondence is conducted from official Google addresses. Technical support knows about them, although they have no direct connection with them.
Usually, if they call you, they already know all the information about your campaigns. Or, at least, they can quickly navigate by identifier. No one else has such access.
But indeed sometimes they invite you to all sorts of seminars. However, this is done by all advertising systems.

Dima, 2018-11-23

They also called like this, also from Warsaw. We set up a campaign for free, without seminars. I talked with them for exactly a month, they changed something there, but they did everything for free. According to the campaign itself, there were applications for my website with subsequent payments, that is, it worked :) Then exactly a month later they disappeared, only a letter came, like “rate our work”.
As I understand it, they simply attract clients in this way so that they replenish the budget, and the settings are due to their specialist partners.

mletov, 2018-11-23

Until I realized that it's kind of like not quite Google, but their official partner, Arteria SA are called.
Perhaps this is really a kind of lure, the first 2-3 weeks will prompt something, and then they will start calling for seminars, we'll see.

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