Oleg5672021-02-26 00:18:14
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Oleg567, 2021-02-26 00:18:14

A calculator program that will replace excel. Can you suggest a ready api?

There are several tables in Excel. The principle of working with it is this. The table has cells into which values ​​are driven in and ready-made formulas are written for summing the values ​​that are in these cells. The result is displayed in a separate cell. In the end, all this information should be saved in a pdf file. Maybe someone knows a ready-made api, so that you can arrange all this in a convenient UI, so that it is not in a tabular form, but more convenient for the user.

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rPman, 2021-02-26

If you need a service, then if you exclude excell and pdf, then google forms and their cloud spreadsheet have a convenient view (yes, there was a full-fledged office in the cloud), some kind of export to pdf is already there, or you assemble it with your own code.
ps The less you tie up work on cloud services, the less problems there will be later.
Cloud services are not yours, they will not help you solve problems that arise due to them or your fault (for example, incorrectly configured access rights and figs, you will find out who downloaded, who broke, etc.)

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