Exsi2122020-09-28 17:31:03
Exsi212, 2020-09-28 17:31:03

A budget-friendly graphic design laptop?

Hello! In general, there is such a problem that I am going to leave to study, leaving my main working car at home. Need good advice or even a suggestion about the purchase. It is obvious that the IPS matrix and preferably 15.6 inches, because ultrabooks with 13 do not roll at all. Plus a die, so that it is not integrated without the possibility of adding, and maybe even two slots, for 16 or even higher. Since the specifics of training are graphic editors, + programming, because the program is "design and programming", then comfortable work in software is very necessary. Advise, tell me, otherwise the head is already spinning. Ceiling 60 thousand. Thanks in advance!

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vism, 2020-09-28

it's not cheaper and the price has not been raised yet, I think they will be 75+ soon
There are no other options either. this is the cheapest with a 100% sRGB matrix from normal
Zhenya purchased this the day before yesterday

Artem, 2020-10-04

I would advise ASUS TUF Gaming FX505, it has such a budget, this machine pulls all modern games, so you can safely play in your free time, so another 16g of RAM, + backlighting on the keyboard, which is necessary for me personally, for such a price I think better not to find, as in power.

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