podde2020-08-11 11:05:36
podde, 2020-08-11 11:05:36

A bookmark saving service with the ability to regularly copy to your PC?

please advise a service / application for saving web bookmarks.
A couple of fundamentally important points:

- free;
- the ability to save bookmarks in one place both from the phone (let it be at least an application, at least an online page on the next tab, it doesn’t matter), and from several laptops / PCs (without limiting two devices, like Evernote);
- the ability to group by folders / topics;
- the ability from time to time to download the entire backfill archive to your PC in a form that is relatively convenient for ordinary people (for insurance, all of a sudden the service will cease to exist).

I always choose the answer-solution, thanks in advance.

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DevMan, 2020-08-11


Dimonchik, 2020-08-11

google chrome
yes and ff like too

MihaTronik, 2020-08-11

Why, in general, some third-party solutions. In almost any browser, you can register your account and log into it on all your devices. Then all bookmarks will be synchronized automatically. And not only bookmarks, but also history. I myself use Yandex.Browser.

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