Monty Python2017-12-30 15:06:31
Monty Python, 2017-12-30 15:06:31

A book on mathematics with a literary presentation?

What is the book on mathematics the entire school curriculum where information is presented in literary form (preferably in Russian)?

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Andryukha, 2017-12-31

Elements, Euclid. "A point is that which has no parts." Read.

Dimonchik, 2017-12-30

interesting how the limits or derivatives can be literary stated

Griboks, 2017-12-30

I have never seen such books. All the same, in mathematics it is customary to use terms instead of epithets and metaphors. And each term is unambiguous, complete and does not require comments. Therefore, you just need to learn all the terms. And then you can at least one formula to teach mathematics.

Vladimir T, 2017-12-31

It can't be, because it can never be.

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