almaz1c2022-01-05 23:27:02
almaz1c, 2022-01-05 23:27:02

A book about the latest versions of the Linux kernel?

The book "The Linux Kernel. A Description of the Development Process" by Robert Love. It describes how the 2.6 kernel works. But it does not correspond to kernel versions 4.14.199 and 5.4.168 used in the work. For example, they don't have a kernel/sched.c file
1. Are there any books on Linux kernels more recent than 2.6? Preferably in Russian.
2. If not, then how critical is it that I will study the kernel from this book, i.e. on an outdated kernel version?

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jcmvbkbc, 2022-01-06

For example, they do not have a kernel/sched.c file

for example git log -- kernel/sched.c, it will easily explain what happened to this file.
how critical it is that I will study the kernel in this book, i.e. on an outdated kernel version?

not critical at all, because what is written in the book took place in the past, and with the help of git you can trace what has changed since then.

pfg21, 2022-01-06

heh, the documentation has an awesome right to become outdated - exactly right from the date of the last edit in the text ...
do not expect something to be handed out to you on a silver platter and pick what you need / interesting on your own.

Dima Krasnoshtan, 2022-01-13

It would probably be better to search for information about the necessary features and changes at once by keywords and go deeper as needed.
I found a pretty fresh one - try it (but not the fact that your moments will be there .. Also, the seller in the comments left a link to the second volume.

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