Ali Aliyev2017-07-05 15:24:25
Ali Aliyev, 2017-07-05 15:24:25

A book about how a programmer should work correctly?

I 'm interested in the following list of questions
1. how a programmer should manage his time
2. how to avoid bugs (maybe there are some rules other than TDD?)
3. how to manage tasks and evaluate them correctly,
Please advise a list of references, or at least to which category a similar one literature applies.
Thank you all for your replies! I chose three books for myself:
Pragmatist Programmer (I was going to read it for a long time, thanks for reminding me)
Fanatic Programmer (already read it)
Ideal Programmer (I think that's what you need. Already started)

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un1t, 2017-07-05

Chad Fowler "Fanatic Programmer"
Joel Spolsky "Joel on Programming"
Robert Martin "The Perfect Programmer"
Tom DeMarco, "Waltzing with the Bears: Risk Management in Software Development Projects"
Tom DeMarco "Human Factor. Successful Projects and Teams"
Robert Glass Facts and misconceptions of professional programming"
Igor Savchuk "The notorious programmer. First-hand
lifehacking" Peter Seibel "Coders at work. Reflections on the craft of a programmer"
Andrew Hunt, Thomas David "Pragmatic programmer"

Astrohas, 2017-07-05

"How to force yourself not to sleep"
"Human vision"
"Light fitness exercises for pregnant and overweight"
these are the books that a programmer needs

sim3x, 2017-07-05

1. Don’t care how - if it does the job
2. Do not avoid it at all - take them for granted and fix them
3. Make an assessment before the task, reassess during the decision, evaluate the real time -
The mythical man -month The mental
hospital is in the hands of patients

voronkovich, 2017-07-05

Robert Martin "The Ideal Programmer".

Kirill Mokevnin, 2017-08-01

At the same time, I will throw you more books that have answers to the main development questions: https://map.hexlet.io/pages/books

kulaeff, 2017-07-06

1. no way. the programmer just programs. Time to manage has not yet learned.
2. no way. they are always there. more or less. the human brain is not perfect.
3. no way. does not need to be managed and does not need to be evaluated. These are the wishes of the product manager.
PS: IT books are crap. honored and forgotten.

Alan Ikaev, 2017-07-05

John Sonmez "The Way of the Programmer"... It's about everything, about time management, task distribution... It may surprise, but even about SPORT

Valery Mironenko, 2017-07-13

I offer a difficult advice - read the internal (if you can get it!) Documentation on software design technologies and code generation at IBM, Rand Co, etc. It is very interesting to read, even, old documents, but how it "clears the brain" from all stupidity and from controversial instruments.

Alexey Blyshko, 2017-07-07

1. The most important thing is to go to bed on time to get enough sleep and approach work with a fresh head.
2. The most important thing is to fix them when you find them, so that next time you don’t allow similar ones.
3. The most important thing is to do the most necessary first of all, because even if half of the tasks are not done, it is often not scary - more than you can do, you still can't do it.
Well, you can go deep into the methodology, if such questions arise.
I would suggest reading Kent Beck's XP book.

Maxim Kotenko, 2017-07-07

In fact, the main thing for a programmer is the result, and the work schedule, time management and other "pandemonium" is already the tenth thing)

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