Viktor2014-04-02 16:06:36
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Viktor, 2014-04-02 16:06:36

A big web project at home - is it real?

A project is planned with visits of 100 thousand uniques per day with hardware sorted out waiting for a 4-node server with 2 processors for each node from ebay, but this diversity of information about everything related to the Internet is confusing, maybe someone can help figure it out .
So, at first it was meant to set up a server at home Internet fast 100 Mbps, both local speed and global. But then there was a question of fault tolerance, one is familiar to sis. the admin said that the Internet at home can be turned off at any time, and the site will hang.
He advised me to call the provider and ask to rent a place in my data center. And here, in general, the tariff plan is from 1Mbps to 10Mbps of global speed. The latter costs a hell of a lot, but even if we had such a budget, the speed there is useless, and this is the limit, their tariff plan ends at 10Mbps. Explain how this is possible from the same provider at my home 100Mbps, both global and local speeds, and what factors should be taken into account in general in my case?

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Alexander, 2014-04-02
Barovsky @zce

Write the exact info on the server, you can link to ebay.
interested in how many units the server has and the power of the power supply (total, if there are several).
about home server storage. let you have a perfect Internet with 100% availability, let you have perfect electricity, BUT the noise from the server will be such that neighbors from a neighboring house will throw slippers out the window on your "45th floor". moreover humidity and animals. in general, the server is a dangerous contraption for keeping at home. Of course, if the concept of the server is the same for us)))

Maksim Herasim, 2014-04-02

What a schoolboy, by God. Excuse me, if, as you say, you are planning to build such a large project, then for a start it was necessary to carry out calculations. And the first thing to start with is the costs. Since you are thinking about accommodation at home, then I can safely think that you only have plans for the levels. Here is a plan for you to think it over well.
1 - The idea of ​​the project (unique or not)
2 - Planned attendance (if you are just starting your project, counting on 100,000 uniques is stupid, you'll be lucky if 100 will be recruited, especially if the idea is not new)
3 - Planned income items
4 - Planned expense items and here it is better to stop in more detail.
Buying equipment? Like this right off the bat? When there is no alpha version yet ... Pfffff ...
It may be wiser to do this - If you are doing a project (if several people are working on it), then launch the necessary services on your home computer and work together (it IS MANDATORY TO THINK THE PROJECT SCALABILITY BEFORE THIS). After the pre-release version is ready, test everything. Including finish yourself. After renting a virtual machine, based on the requirements for minimum resources (For a pilot run), take a file and cut and cut until it shines. Then marketing should begin ... After you see that people are rolling, you can increase the resources on the virtual machine, and do this until it can cope with the load. When the limits are exhausted, the resources are terribly lacking, remember that once you thought about scalability, and you can rent an already delimited server, and your machines are from eBay,
All of the above, my IMHO ...

Ruslan Kasymov, 2014-04-02

Okay channel, and if the lights turn off at home? Line accident? Provo has redundancy and a communication and power channel. Colocation seems better to me ...

Konstantin Andreevich, 2014-04-03

Sorry, I'm going off topic. And why are you sure that the project will have 100 thousand uniques per day? Where does such a figure come from?

zorruch, 2014-04-02

To be honest, it’s a very strange situation when a project with such a level of accessibility requirements is being hosted at home.
If you are waiting for a server, then colocation in Moscow will cost you 2-5 tr (depending on the conditions for providing an Internet access channel)
It was correctly said above - moderate your appetites.

zorruch, 2014-04-02

It is necessary to take into account the possibility of buying an external ip address, the stability of the Internet and the hardware that NATit your local network.
In general, it is better to rent a server or hosting.

Snewer, 2014-04-02

Why should the internet be shut down?

hOtRush, 2014-04-02

Colocation is better of course, but it is usually disproportionately expensive. Cheaper to rent a server) your own will not pay off soon

Melkij, 2014-04-02

> the project burns it is not admissible not for a minute.
Either cook a lot of money or curb your appetites.
Each next nine of high availability costs quite a lot, and you aim for 5 or 6 nines at once.
> we figured out the hardware, we are waiting for a 4-node server
One server? With such a requirement for downtime?
At least two (each of which can take on the entire load) and duplicate everything that moves. But especially - everything that does not move.

Ogoun Er, 2014-04-02

Maybe you should think about VDS-ok, now they cost a penny, for example here: serverdale.com trinity
or quad cost about 1000 per month, while unlimited Internet, and a lot of space.

Piranis, 2014-04-03


MrSelfDestruct, 2014-04-03

From experience, I can say that it is difficult to keep a server for commercial use at home due to the circumstances that have already been described above. I keep my server at a friend's house, but he has 3 Internet channels independent of each other + he is an electrician in the same house + there are ups that can withstand half an hour. And still, sometimes troubles occur due to a de-energized area due to the nearest construction site.

hadra, 2014-04-04

I have a server with 2x i7 4770 and a gigobit connection, and keeps 3,700,000onlik.

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