BlackPie2012-08-11 21:33:09
open source
BlackPie, 2012-08-11 21:33:09

A bicycle in an open source project?

For a long time I wanted to make an interesting contraption for myself, but since I took it, then why not share it.
An mp3 file editor with the ability to exclusively edit such fields as author, group, album, title with the simplest minimalistic interface.
So, how reasonable would it be to use a ready-made module for working with mp3 files?
I have no experience at all, if the question is stupid, I apologize in advance.

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Alexey Huseynov, 2012-08-11

And what is the point if there is far from one ready-made id3 tag editor? Does it include graphics? From the point of view of learning to program, the task is not very interesting, there is no algorithmic or architectural complexity in it.

sdevalex, 2012-08-11

There is no bike here. A library for mp3 is taken and a GUI is made for it.

Eddy_Em, 2012-08-12

Have you looked at easytag?

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