Igor Sokolov2016-02-11 23:06:17
Igor Sokolov, 2016-02-11 23:06:17

A better way to learn a programming language. What is he?

Hello! I asked a question here about the Python programming language and courses on it. A lot of advice was given. I am very grateful, got everything I needed and started learning.
Please answer the following questions people:
1) Is it not enough to know one language? In addition, you need to choose the area in which I want to work. Do you need JavaScript to write on the web?
2) What should I read or watch in order to better and more globally understand the programming language? To be like a fish in water? Many advise to start with SICP. Is it so? Someone writes that it is good to start with a functional language and then others will be easier.
3) When learning programming, is it necessary to have a clear understanding of the interpreter and number systems, how everything works inside, etc.? And where to get such information?

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Alexey P, 2016-02-11

There is no single answer to your questions. Everyone makes a choice in favor of the characteristics of the body (someone reads, someone watches a video).
1) optional, especially if you consider yourself a true-backend-developer.
2) it all depends on your level in programming and knowledge in related topics. Learn 1 language and then read a book in another language, apply what you learned to your experience. You will discover many new things for yourself. Especially if the approaches in languages ​​differ.
3) optional.

Yuri, 2016-02-11

Programming is a specialty where you need to study all your life.
for a web developer, you need to at least know the basics of all related technologies (including js) if you plan to work in a team, and not be a lone freelancer. Otherwise, you need to know everything.
in your case, start at least with something (from one PL), let the same python when you get comfortable - go to js for example.

abcd0x00, 2016-02-12

1) Is it not enough to know one language?

Not enough.
There must be one main language (compiled language). This is necessary in order to write a program once that will work reliably for a hundred years without changes.
There must be one additional language (scripting language). This is necessary in order to quickly write scripts to automate routine actions (not only small ones, but also complex ones), which need to be periodically changed to suit the situation.
Both of them should be well known.
Other languages ​​can be known as much as necessary.
I would not advise. It is rather weak, as it is made for average (stupid) Americans. For the development of thinking, it is necessary to study mathematics itself (not school, of course).
If you are stupid, this book will not give you anything, and you will not master mathematics at all. If you are smart, this book will not give even a small part of what you need to know.
Yes. Get ready to find out. Because when you need to make a program, you will have to know everything by that time and there will be no time to study the unlearned.
It's like you come to France and they tell you to go to the capital, and you ask "excuse me, what is the name of your capital so that I know where to go?", but they don't tell you. It had to be taught at school, like the rest of 100500 all sorts of nuances about the world.

RedHairOnMyHead, 2016-02-12

1) Is it not enough to know one language? In addition, you need to choose the area in which I want to work. Do you need JavaScript to write on the web?

It all depends on what you want to do. For the web, JS is not required (at least for the time being).
To understand a language, you must at least write in it. In the future, look at what and how others write (implementation).
If you start with the same SICP, then it will take no less time to master the language than if you learned the language and then started reading similar books.
No, not necessarily. The driver of the car may not know the transmission device, and at the same time drive well. But knowing the structure of the car (at least the one you drive) will only be a plus.
PS if you sat down to learn the language, so learn. Do not soar the brain about who advises what. The main thing is to be interesting and fun. Study the material as needed.

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