koalalala2020-05-02 13:59:23
koalalala, 2020-05-02 13:59:23

A beginner and a solution to a specific problem. Webflow, Wordpress or Builder?

I'm a beginner designer with some experience in drawing websites and applications, as well as a basic understanding of html and css. Friends asked me to make a website for them. For me, this is an opportunity to learn something. While working in the agency, I only had to draw the design itself, which was subsequently given to the typesetters. There was an experience purely for educational purposes of creating a primitive portfolio site using html / css, as well as the experience of creating a site on a constructor with adding css. There is a desire to further develop in the direction of the web.
It will be a simple 5-10 page site with photos and videos. Also, the site should have a simple animation. I would like to learn how to implement such tasks on my own. What is the best way to solve this problem? And what is more useful to master for the future?
Webflow, Wordpress, constructor? It seemed to me that it would not be possible to implement animation in the constructor.
Or is it still more reasonable to draw the design itself and give it to the layout designer?

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Vladimir Korotenko, 2020-05-02

Do what you can. Animation in general is either css or js, and both are inserted into html.
For 5-10 pages in general, do everything in the spa and attach an external service such as comments and likes through social networks.
No CMS is needed. Bare pages in githubpages

Froggyweb, 2020-05-02

Well, to make x ... d design and the same layout is a so-so service.
if a novice designer, pick up a good theme on WP not in terms of effects, but in terms of usability for the customer.

Orkhan Hasanli, 2020-05-02

You know, we need to think not only about the implementation, but also about further support of the project. Taking into account the fact that quite often clients have Wishlist according to a geometric progression, then this should be some kind of ready-made system (CMS). There is no point in raising CMF for the sake of 5-10 pages.
I do not recommend using online services (constructors), since you are always tied to their system rules.
Better take WordPress, install a premium theme there, the necessary plugins and that's it.
Why not SPA? If we are talking about a full-fledged SPA with a framework (for example, vueJS), as well as with a backend (laravel, yii2, spring, django), then this is longer and more expensive. In addition, as far as I understand, you do not own these technologies.

Lulu254, 2020-05-03

Well done, what's up. Instead of honing your skills as a designer and leaving the category of low-grade workforce, you get involved in another craft, where the situation will be the same as now with design. Straight 5 fingers up

Vladimir Druzhaev, 2020-05-03

There is a desire to further develop in the direction of the web.

Do you want to google or on YouTube?
The designer must understand the features of the layout and then he will draw a design without showing off that crutches in the layout give rise to. That's all. The workbench should make up.
Draw a familiar design and develop further in this. Do you want to get straight into this highly competitive niche and fight for the doshirak? And experience in layout is not just a layout of 2-3 projects. There, day and night, sit and debug jambs in the layout on chrome, ie 11, applephones ... Typesetting without jambs and immediately adaptive - will not come from the first year. + js - the workbench should know and be able to do it.

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