redhummer2011-05-20 08:38:16
redhummer, 2011-05-20 08:38:16

A bank card for purchases from foreign sites?

In general, a certain account would be ideal, which could be replenished in the maximum possible number of ways (transfer through the Security Council of the Russian Federation, webmoney, I-purses) with a card attached to it, with which you could make purchases in "foreign" e-shops.
And it would be absolutely cool if such an account did not have a limit on the number of transactions.

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krotish, 2011-05-20

alphabank, I think, will be ideal.
Expensive, he really is.

ArcKain, 2011-05-20

I use Qiwi QCV, convenient, fast, satisfied. :)

vinxru, 2011-05-20


ZloiZmei, 2011-05-20

Sberbank Visa Classic - works fine with paypal, and just like a card. Abroad, too, paid off without problems. It is also convenient to use as a payroll - ATMs on every corner throughout the country and without commission. Although it is better to have a separate payroll - for safety.

Dmitry, 2011-05-20

Either Alpha or Qiwi virtual Visa

ilyakharlamov, 2011-05-22

Vanguard - his card is free if it does not lie dead weight and something is periodically bought with it. I bought a bunch of junk (ebay, amazon, paypal, etc.) no problems were noticed.
In general, take one of those offered (Sberbank, Alfa, VTB, etc.) whose office is more convenient (closer to home and work hours suit you).

BannedMi, 2011-05-20

The best option is VTB 24 e-card. There is everything you need. And most importantly cheap. 60 for six months. Plain cardboard with number, date and cvv. Perfectly attached to paypal and moneybookers. Registration 2 weeks. Never regretted.

asm0dey, 2011-05-20

I have a Sberbank - MasterCard and Qiwi - a virtual visa. Both are good.

Anton Spirin, 2011-05-20

Any virtual visa internet of any decent bank with a more or less developed remote account management system.
Because for Western stores all Russian cards are the same. They don't see any billing or shipping addresses. So, I bought in Britain on BeautyBay, then they sent a fax to the bank with a request for the validity of the card, name and delivery address.
I personally use the local regional bank KUB (part of the Gazprombank group), issue a card with a validity period of six months (maximum, non-renewable), with a limit of 25 thousand rubles. per day (can be increased, but at the end of the current day it will be reset to the default size), without a limit on the number of operations per day.
In general, as you were advised, use PayPal, because. in case of payment and cancellation of the order, you will receive a refund almost instantly (you will lose only at the buying and selling rates, in the case of a ruble account), and if you pay by card and cancel the order, the blocked amount will hang on your account for 30 days, and only then automatically unlocked (I got this when paying through Amazon Payments and Google Checkout)

SSar, 2011-05-20

Recently, on a tip from one of my acquaintances, I started a “Corn” card in the Euroset ( kykyryza.ru ).
This pleasure cost 100 rubles (to the account), for registration you need a passport and a cell number (where the pincode will be sent).
On the same evening, I successfully linked PayPal and passed verification.
Transaction notifications come via SMS free of charge.
Cash replenishment through partners is free. Monthly fee for the card is 0r per year.
PS I am not an employee of Euroset myself.

pomeo, 2011-05-20

if you suddenly have a beeline, then there is such a thing card.beeline.ru

MARDEN, 2011-05-20

I tried Rayphasen and Avangard cards - both work fine with paypal.

densilvio, 2011-05-20

Uralsib is very convenient because they even have an Electron-card with CVV and is accepted without problems in any of our and foreign online stores.

johndow, 2011-05-20

I used Alfabank's virtual MasterCards - everything is fine, but the validity period of the card is short. It quickly rots, and pay again for the release of a new one.
Now I made myself a QIWI Visa Card + tied it to the VTB24 telebank. Conveniently.
And now you can use VTB24 cards directly (PayPal, iTunes, Android Market, etc.)

Ura78, 2011-05-20

Visa Prepaid Card , you can pay with Webmoney, Robox and LibertyReserve

la0, 2011-05-21

Google: ocean bank (I have visaclassic just for such cases), instant input from WM.
When tied to a stick, I wrote the card number in the chat and the last 4 digits of the passport gave a note to the payment.
As the main I use Sberbank

Mirror, 2011-05-23

Are there banks _NOT_IN_RUSSIA_, where you can order a card without a personal presence?

redhummer, 2011-05-25

Thank you all! I opted for Visa Classis from the Security Council of the Russian Federation. Only here the question of currency conversion remained. So I understand that if you are going to buy from foreign stores, then the account should be in foreign currency?

Denis, 2011-07-11

SvyaznoyBank card . Successfully paid

Mikhail Shevtsov, 2011-07-11

I have Alfa-Bank cards:
1) Visa Classic - settlement, I have been using it for 4 years, the 5th went.
2) Vias Classic - credit, 1st year, normal flight.
Everything is ok, they take it everywhere, conversion, for example, on Steam, is always at an unexpectedly low rate (or I just got it). Just yesterday, the week of sales on Steam ended. When buying games through a credit card, the exchange rate was somewhere around 27.80. Before that, I always bought games with a debit card, everything was ok.
The credit was recently tied to PayPal, there were no problems.
In general, I advise. By the way, within the framework of the tariff plan "Class" you can make up to 5 Visa Classic cards. The whole family, for example.

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