oni__ino2015-09-22 17:20:12
oni__ino, 2015-09-22 17:20:12

A backup of one of the VMs is not done, Error code SR_BACKEND_FAILURE_82 falls - who faced it?

Host: XenServer 6.5
Updates: XS65E001,XS65E002,XS65E003,XS65E005,XS65E006,XS65E007,XS65E008
Local Storage EXT3 Usage: 15%
One of the machines stopped making backups.
Everything was backed up by the script, but not the point.
I'm trying to make a manual backup.

xe vm-snapshot vm=HOSTNAME new-name-label=HOSTNAME-snapshot-20150922.snapshot

and I get the same error as the third party script.
Error parameters: , Failed to snapshot VDI [opterr=failed to pause VDI "676077dd-2353-426f-a81b-c829c03f194f"],

Storage rescan didn't find anything to splice or something with VDI errors
Sep 22 16:53:57 ** SMGC: [2211] No work, exiting
Sep 22 16:53:57 ** SMGC: [2211] In cleanup
Sep 22 16:53:57 ** SMGC: [2211] SR 0526 ('Local storage') (31 VDIs in 8 VHD trees): no changes

xe snapshot-list does not show other snapshots than my manual completely different machine.
I look at the information about the disk, but I don’t see anything suspicious
xe vdi-param-list  uuid=676077dd-2353-426f-a81b-c829c03f194f
uuid ( RO): 676077dd-2353-426f-a81b-c829c03f194f
name-label ( RW): ******** 1
name-description ( RW): ******** 1
is-a-snapshot ( RO): false
snapshot-of ( RO): <not in database>
snapshots ( RO): 
snapshot-time ( RO): 19700101T00:00:00Z
allowed-operations (SRO): clone; snapshot
current-operations (SRO): 
sr-uuid ( RO): 05265fd6-0910-cbee-88fe-c4425464e645
sr-name-label ( RO): Local storage
vbd-uuids (SRO): 2cf5f1ea-6336-cba4-020e-d7a7ca2f0702
crashdump-uuids (SRO): 
virtual-size ( RO): 53687091200
physical-utilisation ( RO): 110080
location ( RO): 676077dd-2353-426f-a81b-c829c03f194f
type ( RO): User
sharable ( RO): false
read-only ( RO): false
storage-lock ( RO): false
managed ( RO): true
parent ( RO): <not in database>
missing ( RO): false
other-config (MRW): 
xenstore-data (MRO): 
sm-config (MRO): host_OpaqueRef:908a7883-d2bf-0b60-6cb4-f9efd0aa83c9: RW; vhd-parent: 6adc138c-e05b-40a5-a185-ace1795f484a
on-boot ( RW): persist
allow-caching ( RW): false
metadata-latest ( RO): false
metadata-of-pool ( RO): <not in database>
tags (SRW):

The server is prod, the machine cannot be turned off either, it is also prod, but the backup is not being made, this worries me very much.
The remaining 4 machines are on the host, backups are being made, there are no errors.
Any thoughts on this?

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oni__ino, 2015-11-20

When trying to take a snapshot, the desired VDI turned out to be busy (failed to pause VDI) The machine was moved to another server. After the production was already running, I put it out on the old machine. Consider that if there is such an error, a restart (shutdown) of the virtual machine is necessary. Snapshots are being created now, but the project is already running on other hardware.

Alex Plast, 2015-10-08

What does XenCenter say when you try to create a snapshot? Have you tried Coalesce-Leaf?

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