terkin2014-02-10 12:20:52
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terkin, 2014-02-10 12:20:52

A/B Testing Mobile vs Desktop Website: Is it Possible with Google Analytics?

There was a question about the effectiveness of the mobile version of the site, so it is necessary to test the conversion, for this it was decided to send 50% of the traffic from the mobile version of the site to the desktop version and calculate the conversions, the problem is as follows:
1) the mobile version is on a subdomain
2) landing pages are different
Is it possible do it with Google Analytics?

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Ruslan, 2014-02-10

1. This is hardly a problem, especially if you use Universal Analytics
2. Rather vague wording. When A / B testing, landing pages should be different: one main page, and one / several of its variants.

cinic, 2014-02-10

About mobile versions www.artlebedev.ru/kovodstvo/sections/177
Comparing different audiences is a dubious method of determining effectiveness. But if you really want to, then with the help of GA you can (Behavior -> Experiments).

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