LRous2015-08-08 12:22:06
USB flash drives
LRous, 2015-08-08 12:22:06

A 16 Gb flash drive has become 4 Gb in size?

A 16 GB flash drive has become defined as 4 GB, what could happen to it? I went into <<Disk Management>> there are no extra volumes, writes the main partition to 3.75 gig

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pr0l, 2015-08-08

flash controller

TyzhSysAdmin, 2015-08-08

Manufacturer \ model
model flash model
Use search Recovery flash drive, size reduced from 4 GB to 315 meters and cannot be formatted

masplam, 2015-08-08

format it to fat32 or ntfs

Vladimir, 2015-08-11

f1comp.ru/zhelezo/kak-proshit-fleshku-vosstanavliv... - detailed instructions for flashing a flash drive. It helped me. You can also try low-level formatting

Lex Fradski, 2015-08-12

I had this on Windows after formatting the flash drive from under OS X. Windows stubbornly did not see free space for a larger partition in the new markup. Try formatting it from under UNIX/Linux or from a utility that will work with it at a lower level than the standard Windows Disk Utility

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