Hint2011-05-05 16:40:54
Hint, 2011-05-05 16:40:54

8Gb memory and CentOS: 32bit or 64bit?

I order a server for LAMP, I need to decide on the OS. The server will run Apache, MySQL, PHP, nginx. The memory will be 8 GB (with the necessary netdirect processor, less memory is not given). Choose 32 or 64 bits? I have never used 64bit OS on servers before. Are there any pitfalls? Will there be any problems with the listed software? If you put the 32-bit version, will the OS be able to use all the memory (with a limit of 4 GB per process)?

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Arvid Godyuk, 2011-05-05

Take 64 bits, LAMP has been working without problems in 64 bit OS for a very long time.

Eugene, 2011-05-05

A 32-bit kernel will use all 8Gb if built with PAE support (maybe it's default in CentOS, I don't know, Ubuntu comes with a separate package).
But it makes no sense. Some people put 32-bit systems on cheap VPS with a small amount of memory, since 64-bit software eats up a little more memory. But on 8Gb, this is savings on matches.
There are no pitfalls and cannot be, because. Linux has worked on 64-bit systems almost from birth (the first ports for alpha and spark appeared sometime in 1995).

shadowalone, 2011-05-05

It's not even a question, I'm so ...
of course 64, why pervert with PAE.

admin4eg, 2011-05-06

of course 64-bit, with 32-bit there will be a problem if the same mysql wants to take more than 2 gigabytes for itself.

fogx, 2011-05-06

Here, specifically, on LAMP, for some reason, 64 bits turned out to be not faster for me. I don’t know how to explain this, because, let’s say, video encoding showed an increase of as much as one and a half times. And on LAMP there is no gain at all (tested ab).
Yes, it started eating more memory - but this is true for VPS, and with your 8Gb it’s ridiculous to think about it. So feel free to install 64 bits - at least it will be no worse.

charon, 2012-03-21

Definitely take 64 bits. There will be no special problems for LAMP in this case. In addition, RAE - it works, but a crutch. And the fewer crutches, the obviously healthier the system.

ArtKun, 2012-03-21

Of course, put 64 bits. PAE is a perversion and is only needed by conservatives, that is, it is not needed at all. I only have 2GB on my netbook - out of habit I set 64 bits last summer and I see no reason to change anything.

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