r982020-10-05 13:47:55
network hardware
r98, 2020-10-05 13:47:55

8 out of 16 ports are disabled. From what can be?


, in the office there is a Ubiquiti 16-150W switch,
all ports are used, only every minute the top row of ports is turned off, then after a while it starts working again and so on endlessly.
The people though approximately from what it can be? Is this a marriage or did I set it up wrong?

thanks in advance

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vreitech, 2020-10-05

normally, ports can be disabled in cases provided by the specifications/protocols supported by the switch. this is usually:
- protection against dhcp/ip/mac spoofing;
- loopback detection;
- commands to administrative down via management protocols (snmp/telnet/ssh/something else).
so I suggest first of all to make sure that the specified features are disabled for these ports and there are no loops in the network.

Drno, 2020-10-05

Switch ports POE? If yes, check the power overload and whether the wires are damaged
The rest was written above

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