Alina2016-11-10 13:29:20
Alina, 2016-11-10 13:29:20

8-800 number without incoming call charges?

I need the number 8-800, which I now found on the first two pages of Yandex and Google, everything with a fee for incoming calls. Are there options without such payment? These are no restrictions for hooliganism and the tariffs are not small, 3-4 rubles per minute of conversation. And the manager is a hassle if the conversation drags on.
Somehow an offer came to the post office with a fixed subscription fee and a package of minutes or unlimited. Who has something similar? You need exactly incoming unlimited or a package of minutes for a fix. price.

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artem_music, 2016-11-10

Number 8 800 just implies that the owner of the number pays for the call. This is the feature of the number for the consumer - he will dial you more willingly if he knows that the call is free for him.

Alexander, 2016-11-10

no 8-800 these are special numbers for calls to which the one who is being called pays. And everyone knows that if you call 8-800 for free, I would sue if they took money from me for such a call. If you can't pay - don't show off with 8-800.

NortH21, 2016-11-10


Alina4589, 2016-11-16

Number 800 is a number that your customers can call for free from any landline or mobile phone within a certain region.
I can recommend several applications that do this.

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