Artur Repin2015-03-24 22:17:14
Artur Repin, 2015-03-24 22:17:14

76 degrees for a poppy, is it dangerous?

When I play DotA, once or twice a day I
unscrew the fans through smcfancontrol to the maximum, the temperature is constant 76 degrees (during the game)
is it dangerous for the poppy?

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Armenian Radio, 2015-03-25

It’s good to check that a felt boot of dust has not stuffed into the radiator.

Mohn, 2015-03-25

76 degrees under load for the processor is within the maximum temperature, it is not ready to die, but if it exceeds 80, then the processor will go crazy.
For a video card, this is a normal operating temperature, the maximum can reach up to 110 without loss of functionality.
It was a couple of years ago, maybe now the temperature requirements have become tougher.
Blow out the radiator.

Vlad Zhivotnev, 2015-03-25

If air (and especially old) - then yes, it heats up, yes - to such temperatures.
And yes - it is dangerous, it reduces the resource of all iron. But to die "tomorrow" he will not die from this. Another question is that it will not work for 5 years, like an average MacBook, but after a couple of years something will be soldered from it.
If it's a bug, then take it better to the repair, let them clean all the shit out of it, they shouldn't warm up like that.

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