ArbuzzzzZ2013-06-13 00:46:52
ArbuzzzzZ, 2013-06-13 00:46:52

50D vs. 600D

I've been surfing the forums for too long, but I still can't decide.
I'm leaning towards the two-character, after all, TX, and ergonomics, and the "ambiguity" itself :)
But this is what confuses me:
There is no normal video, because I have a younger brother, and I often have to shoot him. Although, this is a photo camera. (I know about the possibility of shooting on the 50D, firmware is not such a problem as an external microphone)
And, of course, the absence of any guarantees, because if you take it, then only second-hand.
I sort of understand the object of photography itself, I want something better than my Lumix.

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Samendk, 2013-06-13

if there is no optics park, then why such a binding with a boot?

nicolausYes, 2013-06-13

If one of these - take the one that is more modern.
Doesn't the soul lie with Nikon?
Look at an approximate comparison of analogues for the same money D3200 and D5100 .

rgaliull, 2013-06-13

Do not rack your brains, both crops - take 600, it is more modern and lighter.

Nikolai Antal, 2013-06-13

Take 600:
- the used one already has a mileage, and this will have to go to the service center faster
- the video, as you yourself said, will not be superfluous
- well, the weight will be heavier
as it’s quite a suitable option for switching from Lumix, well, or whatever is in hand will lie down.
I would also like to draw your attention to the Pentax K-30, from the pros:
- in some parameters it is better than 600 (shutter speed, case, rate of fire)
- the optics of Soviet apparatuses will fit without difficulty (there are also very good glasses there)
- an excellent solution with a battery pack
of the minuses - flashes are expensive, well, the market is not so full of them (this is in case of selling)

Danik10, 2013-06-13

Or maybe it's better to get up and take 60D instead of 600D? 50D, in my opinion, is not an option at all.
I think you can find a new carcass 60D dollars for 800.
Compared to 600D: shutter life is about 100,000, the focusing system is much better, the battery is much more capacious, the second LCD screen is on top.
I myself used 2 of them - I was satisfied.

admin4eg, 2013-06-13

take a more recent model, 600d is no longer fresh, but 50d will soon be given to the country;)

rainwall, 2013-06-13

It has built-in adjustment. Moreover, it is 50D in 60 that is no longer there.
Makes life much easier.

Anisotropic, 2013-06-14

First you need to choose a system. Because having chosen Kenon, it will be necessary to take lenses specifically for kenon. Switching to nikok/sony, etc. it will be difficult to do if there is a cloud of Kenon lenses.
From 50D <-> 600D, there is nothing to choose from. 50D for sure. It normally lies in the hand, unlike the initial Kenon series. About the magnesium case, the adjustment has already been said. Also, unchip akums are sold at every Chinese corner for 300 rubles.

Spaceoddity, 2013-06-14

Don't even look at the price of initial optics! If you take it seriously, skip this stage very quickly (then there will be all sorts of plastic fifty kopecks lying like a dead weight), and if you cool down quickly, then it won’t matter what kind of carcass.
Don’t even look at the shutter resource - amateur carcasses do not live up to this moment. Either they die morally, or anything breaks by this time, except for the shutter itself.
If you want specific advice - take the first "nickle". )))) The quality will certainly be better. Plus, you can play around with the M42 without hemorrhoids. Well, the carcass itself will be a higher class. True, here it will be necessary to look at the shutter resource very vigilantly - they loved his wedding bombers (and they, as you know, do not count frames). But again, this is not a problem, replacing the shutter is a typical operation (for the money, of course, it will rise, but not absolutely not critical).
Well, all this is speculative - not knowing your shooting style, genre preferences, and even more so potential ...

Nikolai Turnaviotov, 2013-06-14

why exactly 600 and not 650?

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