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Yupa20171123, 2018-04-14 20:18:15

4G, inadequate site blocking. What is it and how to fight?

I use an operator not from the top three. The internet dropped out sometimes. Now, in general, miracles - Yandex is not available . Well, I'm used to it, of course, that when it's really needed (mail) it doesn't work, but for a week already ... [www.yandex.ru] - unavailable. [m.yandex.ru] - too. I impudently climb on other names (they have a lot of them) - [www.yandex.ru], [m.yandex.ru] also come to life. What was interesting - the sites responded, and the tracing to them was. Therefore, I sinned on a router (kinetic) with a pre-installed foreign analogue of the LBI filter. But from a mobile phone (not through it) - the result is the same. Google fell off. Never falls off [m.rosbalt.ru] www.gay.ru turned out to be inaccessible along with www.iriney.ru - I can believe that the Orthodox closed the gays, but so that the inquisitors :) Went to www.arsplus.ru/catalog - not available. And here dns-shop - works. [ https://forum.guns.ru/forumtopics/151.html] and [ http://steampunker.ru/] worked, but [ http://satanbaal.org/forum] fell off. [ http://kxk.ru/cyberpunk4/14.php] - "pleased" that it is forbidden (like [ http://darkchip.ru]),opens today. Today I tried to go from the phone to [www.atrsplus.ru] (you need a long usb cord for the printac) - it also does not find it.
1. What are these cases? Someone jokes that the "bulk" are taking revenge. Someone that the Internet is switched or filtered. What could it be?
2 . What to do? I already imagined how I would write in my resume - "a confident Tor user". And an explanation to the special officer - about Yandex mail, ... :) Without scorching the office (tor) with an influx of garbage - how to make the sites open?

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Sergey Gornostaev, 2018-04-14

Contact the technical support of the operator.

Sanes, 2018-04-14

What to do?

Call or write to support.

Puma Thailand, 2018-04-14

vpn and proxy

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