Kirill Ozeretskovsky2020-01-27 22:32:23
Apache HTTP Server
Kirill Ozeretskovsky, 2020-01-27 22:32:23

403 error when trying to open a site configured on an Apache "virtual host" under Mac OS Catalina?

For development purposes, I'm trying to set up Apache + PHP + MySQL on Mac OS Catalina. The default site - localhost opens and works. Following the instructions from this article , I tried to add a new virtual host. However, when I try to access the site that I set up on it, the browser returns a 403 Forbidden error .

The directory structure is /Users/kipill/Documents/workspace/sandbox/htdocs , where workspace is the folder where I planned to host the virtual host sites, and sandbox is the directory containing the specific site. I set the permissions on the folders chmod 755, starting from htdocs and up the hierarchy, up to the Documents folder. But when I access the site, I still get a 403 error

. What else can I try, check or see?

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Kirill Ozeretskovsky, 2020-01-28

I created a new folder for virtual hosts at /Users/kipill/webprojects and that solved my problem. Apparently, there are some tricks with the permissions to the folders created by the system (eg /Users/kipill/Documents/ ). The solution came when I saw that the folders IdeaProjects and eclipse-workspace are located along the path /Users/kipill/ .

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