varzun2018-09-18 11:17:06
varzun, 2018-09-18 11:17:06

4+2 rams or 2+2?

I want to add some RAM to my old laptop.
Laptop fujitsu lifebook ah512 with pentum and 2 gigs of ram.
The crux of the question:
What would be better to add 4 gigabytes to an existing bar or deliver 2?
As I understand it, there is no two-channel mode, or maybe I did not find it.
Tell me what will be better for productivity) thanks

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alexalexes, 2018-09-18

The lack of dual-channeling is not as noticeable as the effect of the swap when there is not enough memory.
It is better, of course, to add memory to the maximum in order to delay the time when the memory will not be enough (if the laptop lives up to this time).
4 gig of RAM - now it can only provide comfortable surfing of sites opened into several tabs.
PS: Make sure you have a 64-bit OS, or you won't be able to install it if you have a 32-bit one.
PPS: There are instances of motherboards (perhaps in the context of laptops) that in a very strange way allocate video memory from RAM memory, so that with certain configurations of brackets for the OS, half of the nominal amount of RAM remains, and no shamanism with BIOS settings can achieve the ratio memory = Video memory size + Remaining available memory.

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