duncru2016-09-23 22:28:42
duncru, 2016-09-23 22:28:42

3g modem or smartphone as a source of internet for a laptop?

There was a need for mobile Internet for a laptop, I found two solutions on the market, a usb modem with SIM cards "ala" YOTA, etc. and smartphone in wifi sharing mode.
I would like to know the pros and cons of these solutions.
A cursory search on Habr and also simply on the Internet did not give answers to the question of interest, hope for you comrades.

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Alexey, 2016-09-24

Both options have pros and cons.
+ can be placed in a place with better reception
+ Internet can be distributed to several devices
+ Supports communication for a tablet during a power outage
+ In case of something - you can call
- unknown stability in wifi distribution mode
- heating and degradation of the battery
USB modem:
+ not required separate power supply
- requires removal on an extension cord with a weak signal
- distribution to other devices via a laptop

Oleg Tsilyurik, 2016-09-23

An important determining factor - what kind of operating system do you have on your laptop?

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