Anton Karpov2015-08-13 19:23:13
Anton Karpov, 2015-08-13 19:23:13

After upgrading to Windows 10 there is no network, what could be?

Dell Inspiron 3521 laptop updated from Windows 8.1 to Windows 10 in a regular way through the Update Center.
After the update, there are no network connections (neither LAN nor Wi-Fi). Moreover, the network adapters themselves are present, there are no errors on them, but there is no network either. When trying to force a connection: "No network hardware could be found" error.
If you roll back to 8.1, then everything works again without problems. If you update again - there is no network. Tried to install Windows 10 cumulative update, tried to update drivers (automatically, manually), twist settings - updates are installed, drivers are updated, but there is no network.
What else can be, where to dig?

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Ivan, 2015-08-13

This is a ten - relax and have fun :-)
In general, I would dig in the direction of crookedly installed firewood. Delete the nafig devices along with the drivers and try to slip the workers.
Well, as an option - put the OS from scratch.

Ilya Miroshnichenko, 2015-08-31

Services could fail, I had this after installing dozens - all shared network drives flew off. Look in services.msc to see if anything related to the network is disabled - routing, link layer topology, or something like that.

garnezz1, 2020-07-27

I have the same problem now, I understand the idiocy of asking after 3 years, but still, maybe you can remember how you solved this problem. Very necessary. I’ve been sitting for 3 days in a row and can’t do anything (at least I have a poppy)

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