alxrv2014-10-19 13:14:22
alxrv, 2014-10-19 13:14:22

3G/4G modem + wifi router or router with built-in modem?

Good day everyone!
There is the following task: you need to distribute the Internet to several devices via cable and via wifi.
only 3 rooms with concrete walls, that is, the access point must break through them.
There are 2 possible solutions:
1. Classics of the genre: a powerful wifi router with a usb port and a 3g / 4g whistle
2. wifi router with a built-in modem, like this: Huawei B880 or this: Huawei
B593 there is no desire to pair the modem via usb and catch glitches, and there will be no one to serve the access point - a remote village. if something happens - there is no one to approach and even reboot.
On the other hand, top brands do not offer (almost do not offer) 2 in 1 devices, there must be some secret meaning in this. From available only huawei.
What is the best place to stay? I am primarily interested in fault tolerance, automatic reconnection in case of breaks, etc.

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evnux, 2014-10-19


Mikhail Zhilin, 2015-09-24

D-Link DIR825/AC ! Much easier to set up! With Mikrotik, even with not very complex models, setting up turns into a many-hour task, and if you accidentally switch the language to Chinese, then only a factory restart! Buy modem separately support 3G\4G\LTE/

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