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3ds Max
RomkaChev, 2016-03-03 15:36:46

3Ds Max VS Unreal Engine?

Task: to develop a 3D visualization of the cottage settlement. We want it to be fast and the result is realistic, with animation of objects (movement of tree branches, weather effects, ripples on the water, etc.). There is a choice between 3Ds Max and Unreal Engine. I know that UE is successfully used for rendering interiors ( https://youtu.be/jzb0plUmBbE ) and landscapes ( www.youtube.com/watch?v=FRxnKYy62KE ). It seems like he has a more powerful toolkit for the corresponding tasks.
However, difficulties arose, firstly, with the level designer (there are very few of them). Secondly, many advised to use 3Ds Max. Arguing in this way: "In game engines, the requirements for content are much higher - accordingly, the labor costs are greater and, although the rendering is in real time, engines with pre-calculated rendering (for example, vray "3Ds Max") are not able to compete. Game engines are used there , where it is supposed to be interactive (the video will exceed the classic versions in terms of labor costs)". They also say that a good option is the Lumion engine, sharpened for rollers.
Who to believe? It would be desirable to hear competent opinions. In my superficial opinion, game engines have more convenient tools for creating a "live" picture. Which certainly outperforms 3Ds Max and similar software packages. Our priority is quality, not savings on development.

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Egor Padalka, 2016-03-03

You still need 3ds max or another development package - Unreal Engine only creates a "game exe. file" from models and textures loaded into the editor from the same 3ds Max with the addition of logic programmed by the level designer. Also about Lumion - it has its own library of trees and entourage objects, but you will still import houses and roads from Max.
As a matter of fact - I use 3ds max + Lumion and advise you.

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